pumping/feeding question

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pumping/feeding question

Hi everyone,

Sometimes it's much easier for me to give my 6 week old a bottle of ebm because of her erratic eating. I don't want to formula feed. I know this might come off bad, but when she's going through odd eating which is many times and say I'm trying to give the boys a bath or leave to go out somewhere for any length of time, it becomes really challenging and is keeping me from wanting to leave the house. It also frees me up sometimes and allows my husband to do something while he sits there lol. Not complaining about him sitting there so to speak as he works god awful hours but sometimes I need a little help in this department.

Today due to having to pump and dump and having made a stash for a procedure I had to have, I learned that she can drink her 3 oz from the bottle pretty timely and get it done with. When I feed her, she really takes her time and enjoys - and I'm the only one in this family who can feed her =). I don't mind that and I love it but there are like I said times when I need to hurry things up a little. She's only small once and I know it gets better. So I was hoping to somehow make this work with both expressing and straight feeding.

Does anyone have any experience with this or understand what I'm feeling? Is it possible to have this work out without creating a mess?

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I know lots of people who have been able to both bottle-feed EBM and nurse, without needing to use formula. I am not exactly who you're looking for, since with my first I ended up Exclusively Pumping due to major nip-damage issues, and then with my second he wouldn't take a bottle at all, lol. But I never used any formula at all for either one. For my daughter I pumped enough milk that I just had to pump once a day for the last four months to get her to a full year, so I was pumping double what I needed for about four months. So your body can definitely produce plenty. Check out the pumping board for tips as well. Best of luck!

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Giving the occasional bottle is totally fine Smile I personally used to have an emergency stash so I could get my nails or hair done occasionally and not have to worry about running back every 1.5 hours to feed DS.

just becareful that if you are pumping not to pump too often. you dont want to increase your supply! And make sure that when you are giving bottles that you are either pumping to maintain your supply or nursing on demand as soon as you get back to baby for the stimulation.

Just keep an eye on things like flow preference (is she starting to get fussy when you don't let down fast enough), how often you are pumping, and watch how full your breasts are getting.

Good luck!

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Working moms do it all the time (me included)! How old is your DD? I ask because the older she is the better regulated your supply will be and therefore the easier it will be to do it without screwing with your supply. Also, if she's under 6 months, I'd say stick with newborn flow nipples so she doesn't start to think bottles are faster and therefore superior. Unless she's like my DD and hates bottles with a passion and therefore needs a little incentive to take one :rolleyes:.

The #1 rule of pumping and nursing is to make sure you're pumping as much as she's taking in a bottle. So long as you're doing that you're maintaining your supply for her demand. If you're simply replacing 1-2 nursing sessions per day with bottles it'll be easy. The closer you get to exclusively pumping though the harder it will be because the pump doesn't stimulate your breast the same way her nursing does.

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Thank you all so much for all of your advice.

Right now I'm pumping an extra feed each time. Like she drinks 3 oz at a time from the bottle on average. But I get 3 oz from each side every 3 hours. I honestly don't mind that because I'd like to keep it for cereal. She's only 7 weeks right now and I start cereals when my kids are about 6 months old. Historically I've used milk that I pumped right after birth when there is so much excess, but then I run out. So I don't mind keeping an extra amount more than she needs.

Can I work it out like this that I freeze one side's pumping and nurse her on one side and pump the nursing side's breast if we go out to make sure I don't get engorged etc?

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I'm a working mom, so with each of my littles, I would pump after their morning nursing session, when I had the most milk. I only pumped 1x/day, but was able to build up a very decent stash by doing so (a couple hundred oz by the time I went back to work at three months). How are you storing your frozen milk? Do you have a deep freeze, or just a typical fridge/freezer combo - I only ask, since you can only store frozen milk in a typical freezer for 3-4 months, so saving it for cereal at six months might not work...