Pumping... help!!! xp

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Pumping... help!!! xp

So I'm BF and I want to express milk so I can leave my daughter more then 2 hours at a time. I always had a hard time with pumping with my first pregnancy and I stopped bf at 4.5 months. I was using a manuel Avent breast pump and could only express 1 to 2 oz at a time. Frustrating!!
So this time, I bought a electric pump (Medela) and same thing... how frustrating!! I just took a hot shower to help with milk flow and started pumping... well I could only extract 1 oz! I was also massaging my breast as I was pumping.
I hate pumping but wish I had a stash of bmilk for my daughter...
Any suggestions??? I know I have plenty of milk when my daughter (and son was) bfeeding... so what's the problem? Any one else dealing with that?
I was hoping to have a full night sleep (and DH could bottle feed her with my milk) but it seems I will have to give my daughter formula earlier then I wanted...

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Vicky- How long are you pumping? It can take awhile for a letdown especially if your body is not used to pumping.