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So I got AF back when DD was around 6 months. I've had two AF's since then and my first cycle was 37 days. Prior to DD my cycles were 30 days. I'm now on day 40 and no idea when AF might show. Is this because of the nursing or should I POAS? I am so NOT ready for another baby and we used protection everytime this month, so chances are next to nothing that we are PG, but I guess possible...

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I don't know for sure, except to say that from my understanding it can take a while for your periods to regulate again after having a baby. I know for myself, I am having my second period right now. My first cycle (from the first day of my first period to the start of my second period) ended up being 49 days long. I used to be very regular as well, at around 30 days. I'm certainly hoping that my next cycle is no where near as long, as we're TTC!

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Yeah, I think it just takes some time to get your cycle back to normal.

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If you've been careful I'd say its just run of the mill PP AF wonkiness. This stuff happens ... or so I've been told.

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It can take a few months for things to get back to normal and a lot of it depends on how often you are nursing. Sometimes if your LO nurses more than normal, like when they are sick are having a growth spurt, you can see a gap in your AF or a complete skip all together.

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One of my docs said that as long as I was breastfeeding that ovulation would be irregular. Now, I am a freak of nature b/c I have been more regular since I started PP than I ever was before getting pregnant. But I think it's very normal to be irregular for a while.