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Okay, so I'm almost 29 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I nursed my second dd, and always had an overabundance of milk. Lately I've been feeling like my ducts are clogged. Is it too early for that? Also my MIL tells me I should start trying to toughen up my nipples sorry for tmi in the shower. Anyone else do this?? Thanks in advance. Any solutions for the clogged duct feel would be awesome! ( I do plan on EBF this baby as well.

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I have heard about non-nursing women having clogged milk ducts but it's *really* rare. Chances are you don't at all and it's just your body preparing itself for baby's arrival (I remember my breasts filling out a lot more).
Definitely don't do anything to your nipples! It's an old wives tale. Doing anything is more likely to harm your nipples since they're more sensitive. Leave them be, they're perfect for nursing just the way they are. Biggrin

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I agree 100% with Jackie. If any nipple prepping were going to help then your DD2 has already done it for you. For example, I had flat nipples before DD, which made nursing a bit more painful for the first few weeks. Well, I don't have flat nipples anymore and they more than likely won't revert.

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I am curious about the plugged duct feeling. I've never experienced it. In fact, with my 3rd baby my bbs didn't grow but about 1 cup size. With the boys (#'s 1 & 2) my bbs grew 3 cup sizes. I was concerned that my milk wasn't gonna come in at all. But then right after she came, I grew 2 cup sizes just in the first few days after milk started.

I have to agree that you shouldn't do anything to toughen your nipples. The doc that stripped my membranes told me to use my breast pump to toughen them and encourage labor along. I severely regretted it. I was cracked and bleeding before Evie even touched me. It definitely made it difficult to "feel" if she was latched properly based on pain.

I hope your pain goes away. A warm compress shouldn't hurt if you wanna try it. :bigarmhug:

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Thanks ladies! I really didn't want to touch my nipples right now. They are too sensitive right now. Lol. I might do the warm compress tonight. Thanks for the advice and tips!

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I never had a plugged duct feeling, but for me there was nothing I really did that helped with the nipples. I just had to duke it out those first two weeks with the pain and then it was gone completely. I do use that lanolin cream every day and night, so you might want to start using it the weeks before you give birth, just to keep things smooth. Thank God for the pain pills at least during those first couple of weeks lol! Good luck!

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A plugged duct will not be comfortable at all. I got them twice when I first started breastfeeding from sleeping on my belly and mashing my boobs and they feel like (literally) a lump in your breast and cause pretty painful let-downs. Luckily, mine were pretty easy to massage out during a nursing. Smile