A question for pumping/working moms.

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A question for pumping/working moms.

When you returned to work, how many ounces was your LO drinking in your absence, and how much were you pumping?

I just went back to work on Wednesday, and I'm pumping 12 ounces during my 3 pumping sessions, but DS has taken the following:

Wednesday: 17.5
Thursday: 20.5
Friday: 26.5

That seems wildly excessive and I don't remember my first drinking that much... normal?

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Well my DS drank about 16oz and DD drank about 12oz on average. That was for a 10 hour period. I can only pump about 12oz during 3 pumping sessions so I had to supplement with DS, just couldn't make enough. For DD I had pumped enough ahead of time that I was able to maintain what she needed with my pumping and freezer supply.

I'd speak with your daycare provider and confirm that they are NOT wasting the pumped milk. My provider would offer 3oz to start, then add if the child drank more so that they never wasted more than a couple ounces of "liquid gold"!

Your Wednesday and Thursday aren't that unreasonable to me - Friday is crazy! 25oz in lets say 10 hours (maybe 8?) is a 5oz bottle every 2 hours! That's a TON!

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My kid was an anomaly. She never took a bottle and thus didn't drink ANYTHING while at daycare. But she turned out just fine. On the other hand, my 3 week old niece will take 6 ounces of EBM in one sitting. So, there's a wild range of normal. I agree that you should make sure they're not wasting it. Is he actually taking that much or is he drinking 3 ounces out of every 5 ounce bottle? If he is actually drinking that much there's nothing wrong with it! Just make sure you're pumping enough to give to him.

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luckily i was a good producer and responded to the pump, plus i had a stash but i could work 6 hrs and have my son down 20oz in that time. especially if it was evening. he chowed in the evenings. he'd wake up right when i left hungry, then have more and more and be asleep when i got home, and i only pumped once! he had no preference for me over bottle, unlike my daughter who would chuck a bottle across the room and scream for me. other days if he napped just right, he'd have maybe 6oz while i was gone for 8 hrs.