Questioning my supply (xp)

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Questioning my supply (xp)

My daughter is 3 months old. Since about 6weeks I've pumped about an extra bottle a day to freeze and save. Two Fridays ago I had a lump biopsy in my right breast and as a result had to pump and dump that side for about 5 days. Last week I returned to work and couldn't pump enough while DD was at school to send for her the following day, I was about a bottle and sometimes 2 bottles short. Since returning to work, DD has backslided with her sleeping.... waking up 2-3 times a night. There are other potential reasons, her nose is stuffy and she may not be feeling great. But how do I know if I should be supplimenting her night nursing with a bottle?

I know that what I get from pumping is not necessarily an indication of what she will get from nursing because she's more efficient than a pump.... but with the increase in night waking I'm suspicious that my supply may have decreased. Now that I'm back to work I need my sleep more than ever!

Any and all thoughts appreciated.

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Sounds like she may be reverse cycling. Often babies who are separated from their mom choose to eat more overnight to make up for the time apart during the day. I know a few working moms who choose to cosleep due to the increased nursing. Also don't forget about growth spurts and milestones - those all affect sleeping and eating patterns!