Reglan or Domperidone??

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Reglan or Domperidone??

So in the past month my milk stash has dwindled 50%. I'm just not pumping enough at work and I really do NOT want to start supplementing for formula. My doctr gave me a rx of Reglan after my c-section (from my nderstanding it's not uncommon to rx this after a c-section)and I only took it for a couple of days so I have almost a full 30 day supply. I've been taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle for about 2 weeks now and I'm not seeing a huge increase. I mean I'm seeing a little just not very much. I smell like maple syrup so I know I'm taking enough.

My question is, should I try the rx of Reglan from my doctor or should I order domperidone and try that first? I've never suffered from depression issues, though there are plenty of people in my family who have.

ETA: I work FT and pump 3 times at work. I'm just not pumping enough at work. I'm able to fully satisfy him on days where I don'y work but it's just that I don't get as much as eats during the day out of my pump. In the morning, usually around 4:30-5 I'll nurse him and pump at the same time. Including what I get in the morning and all 3 times I pump, is between 10-12oz. He's eating around 13 oz a day.

Thanks ladies!

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no experience here with Reglan, but I took Domperidone with DS1 for the same reason as you need it...wasn't pumping enough at work. I had good results with Dom. I know there are possible side effects with Reglan (depression, possibly others with long term use...I think it is recommended for short term use only, so I guess check into that if you decide to use that).

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Veronica, are you getting a let down when you pump? I know that was my biggest problem pumping (I"m back to working full time as well), is that I would sit there forever pumping and not getting more than 1oz out... but it's because there was no let down, so no milk was flowing. I tried looking at a pic of baby, even video taping him on my phone and watching that, but nothing seemed to help me let down. I can feel when it happens while I'm at work, so when that happens, I run to the restroom with my pump and that's when it all comes! Also, try pumping while baby is on the other breast, as I can usually get 3oz out that way. Anyway, that's just my little story with BM. I've never used any Rx for BM, but I am taking the fenugreek, and that seemed to help a lot.

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hmmm, if you are only talking about 3oz a day more that you need to pump, are you willing to BF while pumping off the other side during your first morning feeding? I'd try that before either Rx just because you really don't need that much more. You might be suprised how much comes out when he's feeding on the other side!

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I've never had a problem letting down. I always letdown each time I pump. And I do pump and nurse at the same time for his morning feeding. I usualy end up waking up around 4 am to nurse and pump each morning. I've not tried pumping and nursing at the same time other than the morning feeding.

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I'd personally be pretty wary of Reglan because of the depression risk. My IBCLC said that her clients almost always see a 30% increase in supply with the dom, so I'd start there!

And this might not be helpful, but I tried a few different types of fenugreek before I found one that made a difference for me. I'm using the whole foods brand fenugreek tablets - I take 9 tablets per day.

Good luck!