Replacing breast pump parts

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Replacing breast pump parts

I have Medela PIS that I purchased with DS. I purchased it after I had DS (was previously using a used one that went out on me so I bought a new one) and only used it about 4 months when I stopped nursing/pumping. Bought it brand new. Now that I'll be using it again, do I need to replace everything?

I just took it out to look at it and everything still looks fine. Some water spots in the tubing and on the breast shield. Should I also replace the bottles that came with it?


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I used the same PIS for both kids and didn't replace a thing other than the little white membranes. Of course I made sure everything was cleaned very well, but everything still worked just fine, so I figured why replace it?

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There's no reason to replace anything unless its worn out. The only thing you might want to replace is the tubing and that's only if there's a bunch of stuff you can't get out by running hot water through them. There's definitely no reason to replace the bottles.

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I would definitely replace the membranes. If they don't lie completely flat, you won't have as strong a suction and it may affect how much milk you are able to pump. I also bought new tubing with my second, but I don't think that is a necessity.