Spotting while breastfeeding
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Thread: Spotting while breastfeeding

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    Default Spotting while breastfeeding

    OK, I know no one EVER posts here anymore, but thought I'd try. I am breastfeeding full time, still around every 3 hours or less at times, around the clock. Yesterday I noticed some spotting. Hasn't increased, but is still going on today. Last time I didn't see AF or any bleeding until after DS1 turned 1. Is spotting normal when bfing? Anyone else experience this?
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    I stumbled here by mistake, but yes it is! It takes a while for cycles to resume, as you know, but you can spot off and on. Good luck!
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    Yes it's normal. I EBF my son and for a while I would bleed every 3 days for about 6-8 days (ugh). My period has finally pretty much regulated at 7 months PP.

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    I am an August mom (July 30 baby). I read your post the other day and thought "that sucks" and then was sidelined today with cramps. No spotting. But I recall this happening much later with DS. This seems too early. I darted Bc pill 1 week ago (similar to DS) but this baby is going longer night time stretches between feeds (6-9 hours!) where DS was every 3-4 hours forever. Good luck. Not looking forward to the resumption of my cycle. Because I bf so long with DS and then got pregnant again I have had only 3 periods in 3 years!
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