Tandem Nursing Woes

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Tandem Nursing Woes

Not really, but I just hard to share the hilariousness of my boys tonight.

They are 22 mo now, and don't seem to want to wean any time soon. But tonight there before bedtime nursing session (we're down to nap time and bedtime, and sometimes middle of the night) they were both sure that they needed the left side. Like screaming pushing fights for that side. We have had mild complaints on occasion, but they were both so mad, screaming mad. It was comical, though the screaming made my ears ring. lol.

I never thought I would ever be tandem nursing, and never thought I would bf past a year either (before kids), ah how things change once you become a mom. lol

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Hehe! I am tandem feeding the girls and can just imagine them fighting over a boob! LOL

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I have similar problems and I'm not tandeming LOL! If Logan decides to bedshare, Xander decides that he needs to nurse on whatever side of me Logan is laying! He will start yelling "THIS SIDE! I THIS SIDE! MY MAMA!" and wedge himself between me and his big brother. Logan will then move to the other side of the bed only to have the same thing happen to him. :eek: