Tender nips!

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Tender nips!

Oh my aching nipples. They've been aching for like 2 weeks. DD has been doing this really annoying pop off, switch, pop off, switch thing. Plus, she's insisting upon pinching the opposite nipple while she nurses. I'm wondering though, might it have something to do with hormones? I *thought* I was starting my first PP AF a few days ago. Turned out to be just very faint spotting.

For those of you who've had the witch return, do your nipples get tender at a particular time of the month?

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Sorry, I don't have any advice for you.

My nips are tender/sore right now too and I'm having a pregnancy test at the doc on Monday (don't have access to a test sooner) cause of other symptoms. I'm hoping it's just my cycle trying to return already (12-13 weeks PP--didn't have my 1PPAF with my other two until 8 months out).


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I'm trying really hard to remember if I got sore nips when my period was coming back... I think I did. Because I used to get sore boobs with PMS anyway...and I think, that yeah, it started back up again. But I'll tell ya what cause sore nips bad enough to actually make me be like, "hey, want some water instead of nursing?" which I have never done before.... nursing while pregnant. Smile Hope it's not the case for you, as I know you're planning on waiting a while longer!

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My nips don't bother me due to AF, but they never have. They didn't even when pregnant, so don't take me as normal. Blum 3

It could very well be due to hormones. And her current 'nursing manners' certainly aren't helping any! Aiden gets pissed if he can't twist the opposite nipple. We've been working on that this month and it has improved. Sadly, removing him as soon as he starts has been the only thing that's helped with the twisting. Next time I let him BF after a removal he doesn't twist. It was getting so bad that I couldn't nip at all and it was hurting me for awhile afterwards. Even got a couple of bruises before!