Tongue tied/latch

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Tongue tied/latch

DS #2 is slightly tongue tied. He was just born on Saturday. His pedi saw him this morning and she didn't immediately suggest clipping it. I can't yet tell if it's interfering with DS's nursing as my nips are kind of tender already. The only thing I've noticed is that it usually takes me a few times to latch him as he doesn't seem to open his mouth wide enough. Do you know if this is realted to the tongue or something completely different? Would the tongue tie cause a bad latch or just cause them to not nurse as effectively?

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I can tell you that my DS was not tongue tied, but didn't like opening his mouth very big when he was born. I didn't know what else to do at the time (there's no LC or anything like that here) other than wait for him to cry. When he was mid cry and had his mouth opened wide, I'd shove my boob in there (I pancaked the boob with my hand too). I want to say it took him a week to learn to open his mouth wide every time.
Here's KellyMom's page on tongue tie. I know some moms have little issues BFing a tongue tied baby while others struggle until it's clipped. HTHs some.

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It might be worth calling an LC or LLL leader to have a look and see what they recommend. congrats on your new bundle of joy!

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there are many babies who have short frenulums (or tounge-tied) that nurse successfully without any intervention. if you start to have any pain, bad latch or if baby starts to lose weight then I would definatly talk with a local LC about whether or not it is causing an issue.

Also, it doesn't directly effect the ability to open there mouths. that's just a newborn thing. If it does interfer with breastfeeding it will mostlikely be because when the tounge doesn't extend across the lower gumline it can cause inadequate milk transfer. just keep an eye on things and you should be fine.