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First of all I would like to thank you Ladies for all of the wonderful advice I received in my previous post.

I contacted a lactation coach and she informed me that my pump may not be sufficient enough for what I am trying to accomplish and that I may have more milk than I think. The pump that I have is for mothers who only pump 3xs a day. So she set me up to rent a hospital grade pump. She also said that I should offer my breast to my dd instead of a pacifier and that she may get upset at first but she would get used to it. That has been going really well. The hard part she said would be to pump up to 8 hrs per day. Which would mean that every time the baby is fed I have to pump until my supply builds up enough to replace the bottles. So I must be dedicated and determined(which I am).

I pick up the pump on Monday. Super excited. I am scheduled to meet with her next month on the 23rd so she can check my milk supply. If it's still low then we will have to go another route.

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Sounds like a good start. Yes, definitely don't offer her anything to suck on besides you.

Hope it works out and you're able to build up your supply! If your interested in getting a good electric pump to buy, check out places like ebay and amazon for used pumps. You'll need to buy some parts for it that are unused but I know lot's of women who have had success with buying used pumps online.

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Sounds like you found a great LC! And a hospital grade pump will really help.

On a side note there is a very big difference between good electric pumps that you can purchase and hospital grade pumps. hospital grade pumps run between $1500 & $3000 or more to purchase. they are built for moms who are replacing most feedings or increasing supplys (like moms with NICU babies) a good electric pump is something that can be used for 4-8 feedings per day (usually moms while at work or away for a day or two). Also, buying used pumps is not recommended unless the pump is approved by the FDA for resale. Not only is there a possible issue with bacteria but your warranty is fully voided as a second or third user.

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So glad you're getting some good help. Good luck with the new pump tomorrow and I hope your meeting with her goes well!

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I am so glad you were able to get a hold of a hospital grade pump! I bet your determination will pay off. I did the pumping after every feeding for a while and it really helped get things going. Pretty soon it will all be a breeze and your hard work will have paid off. KUP!

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Sounds like you are getting some good help. I agree a hospital grade pump is far superior for trying to establish your supply. I hated having to pump so much early on...especially after my son was home but not able to bf full time. It is so time consuming but it is totally worth it if you want to do all you can to make the BF relationship work. Good luck and please KUP. Smile

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Thanks Ladies! I am proud to say that the pump I got from the hospital has given me hope. The pump I was using was not doing a good job at all. I was able to get a 1/2oz more with just the first use of the hospital pump. I know that may not seem to be much but it was an accomplishment for me.

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So glad you're on track and have a good LC to work with.

Because we finger fed at first while DD learned to nurse, I pumped after each feeding and it was exhausting at first, but soon enough you'll get her nursing and you won't have to pump.

I agree offering the boob instead of the paci may help, at least until you get nursing down solid. Biggrin