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weaning advice

So, somewhat against my wishes, I'm trying to wean DS3. He's 25 months, so he can handle it.
I unfortunately have a complete placenta previa with my current pregnancy. I have been told I can continue BFing, but if I end up with bleeding from the previa I'll have to stop. I figure it's better to work on it slowly now instead of abruptly later, mostly because my body won't do abruptly.

Here's what I tried: DS was nursing once each morning, so I dropped to every other day for a bit. Then I tried going 3 days (forgot when we had last BFed) and ended up with clogged ducts on both sides. I had to have him nurse 2-3 times a day to clear those. Now we're back to daily.

I have quite the history of clogged ducts (countless), what I'll call minor mastitis (red, sore, clogged duct, many times), and mastitis with fever (at least 4 times for which I got antibiotics). I even got clogged ducts with one of my pregnancies around 35w when I hadn't BFed for the previous 6+ months.

My first two weaned when I was in the first tri of pregnancy with the next baby and the m/s helped my milk decrease (it never "dried"). but DS3 is happily nursing on my milk/colostrum combo and apparently keeping my supply up. My body doesn't want to stop. So, what do I do? I do plan to ask at my next MW appointment in 2 weeks, but I don't know if she'll have any advice.

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what about trying shorter sessions once a day? So if he normally nurses for 20 minutes cut it in half.

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I'm just now reading this.. how's it going? have you successfully weaned?

I was going to suggest maybe weaning him like you planned, but treating the clogged ducts with warm compress and massage?

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I have no experience but what about pumping the days he doesn't nurse? And then when he is weaned you could slowly back off the pumping or even keep it up if you have to but he would be weaned and not expect to nurse?

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I'd rather not pump. I'd have to find my pump! I haven't used it in over a year and have no idea where it went.
I'm still BFing around every other day, sometimes every 2 1/2 days. I have my next MW appointment in a week and I'll ask about it then. My preference is to keep BFing a little and only wean if I have to. So maybe she'll be able to help me come up with a plan and I'll back off as necessary. I'd love to have DS3 still nursing when the baby comes to help with my inevitable clogged ducts then. I've had mastitis enough times.

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I was having a ton of plugged milk ducts and Lecithin supplements pretty much took care of that. Not sure if that would help you, but it's a thought! I had done everything else from kellymom and my LLL group and that was a last resort for me.
I'm having great luck with telling my toddler that he can nurse but only as I count to 10 and when I get to 10 it's all done time. Working well. He's not as interested anymore and has only nursed a couple of times the past couple of weeks.
Good luck! Hope all goes well with your pregnancy. Smile