Weaning.... Advice for bottles/cups/straws?

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Weaning.... Advice for bottles/cups/straws?

As DD2 is starting to eat more and more food, I'm thinking of weaning.

Although she started off with only bottles (NICU stay) she has gradually progressed to no bottles. We kept her with one a day and then she started to refuse if I was home. Once she started solids, she would go for about 8 hours before giving into a bottle. Now she refuses it at all. I don't mind nursing in the evening/night/morning but I would prefer if she could drink out of a cup at meals.

I've tried the variety of sippy cups I had with DD1 with pumped milk or water. She has no interest in drinking out of it.

DD1 didn't drink from a cup until she started daycare when I went back to work at one year. I'm not going back to work for at least another 6 month so I will be available when she wants a drink.

Any advice for how to get her to drink out of a cup or do I just keep offering it and hope she eventually starts drinking out of it?

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I would buy a couple different types of cups to try and I would just keep offering. You can always say no if she wants boob at a time that doesn't work for you if you are comfortable with that.

Have you tried an open cup (no straw or sippy?)

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My son didn't take to sippys well until after a year when he finally had cow's milk. We were still BFing then, so he just thought that cow's milk was something new and fun, not a nursing replacement. He went from refusing most sippys to using every kind we had! I've heard of others doing watered down juice, but we don't do juice still so I never tried that. He drinks water from a sippy well now, but it's like he needed something tasty to encourage him. Don't give up yet! If I remember correctly a lot of kids on my son's BB didn't really take to a sippy cups well until after a year.

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My DD did well with a sippy with a straw around that age. She mostly drinks out of CamelBack bottles with straws now. They're a pain to wash but she only gets water in them so its not too bad.