Weaning from night time nursing

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Weaning from night time nursing

DS turns 1 on 8/13. Over the past month my supply has just dropped to almost nill. He doesn't take formula very well and even had a problem taking BM from a bottle recently as well. He jsut isn't interested in the bottle any more. And I'm having a hard time getting him to take a sippy cup.

Our big problem is that he co-sleeps with us which we are working on but he nurses frequently at night. I know he's not getting much from me but he does it for comfort.

Any advice on how to wean him from needing to nurse at night?


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Night nursing is very tricky. I actually weaned Morgan from day feedings first when my supply tanked at about a year and a half. She was a comfort nurser at night and I ended up letting her wean on her own a month before her second birthday because she was so attached. I know that some have used Jay Gordon's method successfully. http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html It is a good method, I just didn't want to let Morgan cry. Good luck Smile

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When we transitioned DS over to the crib he ended up night weaning himself as he slept longer stretches. We weren't trying to night wean, but cosleeping was causing DS (and all of us for that matter) to wake up as much as 13 times a night. I've read other moms have had luck with weaning or at least cutting back on night nursing by side carring the crib to the bed, so that there's more space between them and their child. It's hard because a new one year old just doesn't get "boobs go night night" and other such things that moms of older 1s and 2s use to cut back on nursing. I know a couple of moms from pg.org have used Jay Gordon's method or a variation of it. There's a few tips in the No Cry Sleep Solution book which includes improving sleep when cosleeping and transitioning over to a crib/bed such as placing a finger gently under the chin (has worked for us when DS wasn't fully awake) and the pantly pull off method.

About your supply, it may not have dropped as much as you think just regulated so well that it's used to slowly nourishing him at night. I know by that point I wasn't able to pump anything (never pumped often, but tried then to help with sippy use), but there was something there clearly since DS continued to nurse happily (he just weaned very recently at 20 months because there really is nothing there now due to pregnancy).
As far as sippy cups go, DS wasn't very good at them till a year. At 11 months he barely touched them and didn't get their existence. A month later it was like a light bulb clicked and he took off with it. I know a few others on DS's BB said it was after a year before their child seemed to get them well.

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Go over and read the night weaning threads on the Extended Breastfeeding board. There's tons of advice in there.

We co-slept exclusively until DD was a year old and then started putting her down in her room for the night. She'd come into bed at her first wakeup. At about 15 months, we used the Jay Gordon method to cut back on night nursing. At 18 months, we DH took over night time wakeups, which put a complete end to night time nursing. So for us it was a long process but neither of us are at all comfortable with CIO.