What do you suggest?

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What do you suggest?

So DH's company Christmas party is coming up and I'm torn as to what to do for me.

I simply don't have time or patience to pump before hand, so I am going to pick up a bottle of Similac Alimentum RTF for the sitter to bottle feed her when she gets hungry. It's the only formula I'd trust with her dairy issues right now.

So do I test her on it a few days ahead of time to make sure she'll take a bottle (she's never had one yet)? And since I will be away from her for about 4 hours and she's still eating every 1-3 hours in the evening, should I pack a big purse and bring my pump to use in the bathroom for myself to prevent from throwing off my supply/schedule?

What are your opinions?

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You'll be away about 4 hours? I'll tell you what I would do..(especially considering her issues from before)

I would try to pump. I'd wake up early the day of the party and the day before (and maybe even the day before that to be sure) and pump what I could. I would do that with my first DD so I could have some milk for her when I went to the gym. I would nurse only on one side during the night so when I woke up I could pump the other and get 4 or 5oz. That's all she ever took at a time so it worked out really well. Depending on your supply and how often she wakes at night you may only need to feed on one side twice in a row.

I wouldn't worry about messing up my supply while I was out. the only time I've been uncomfortably engorged is when I was away from them 8 hours in the first 4 months. Again, depends on your supply of course. If you get really uncomfortable I would think hand expressing would be sufficient. I can't imagine that missing a session or two mess with your supply or schedule at this point though.

Oh, and I'd also try to pump about 2 oz or so to see if she would take a bottle now. Get your husband/mother/not you to feed her when you aren't in the room to see how she'll take to it. My second would NEVER take a bottle.

I don't have any advice/opinions on the formula though since we've never used it.

I hope you're able to get out and have a fabulous time!

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My only concern with pumping is that I HAVE to feed her on both sides constantly (even at night) cause she empties one side and gets mad if I don't put her on the other side. Sometimes she empties the 2nd side and demands the first again. She eats every 4 hours at night (when I can actually satisfy her) and only 2-3 hours until 4pm and then she'll almost eat every 1-2 hours til 8pm.

I'm worried that if I pump during the day, then I'll be empty if she gets hungry soon after since she already acts like nothing is coming out after about 8 minutes. I'm even having to switch feed (LRL then RLR at next feed) sometimes during the day.

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I really hope she slows down soon. I'm tired. Lol

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Well, I think you could try the bottle a few times before you'll be gone to see if she will take it. I can understand not wanting to spend any extra time with the pump...if you get some formula and feed her with that ahead of time then you'll need to pump the times she is trying the bottle. I agree with PP to have someone else give her the bottle. I tried a bottle a few times with DS2 before I went back to work and he would take it. When I went to work and DH tried to bottle feed him we found out he would only take the bottle from me (so odd).

I wouldn't worry about pumping while you are gone for the party. I don't think missing a feeding or two will hurt at this point. You might also find that DD goes on strike while you are gone and waits for you to get back before she'll eat. It might be a rough night for the babysitter but 4 hours isn't too terribly long. I hope you can find a reasonable solution and you enjoy your time out. Smile

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Well, my mom is the sitter and she's good with her and the boys. I know that Evie WILL take a medicine dropper (water or nystatin) so I told my mom that if she doesn't take a bottle and she is OBVIOUSLY hungry, to feed her the formula with the medicine dropper.

I am also going to ask the LC when I see her tomorrow afternoon what she suggests for me as far as pumping at the party vs not pumping at the party.

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Skipping one feeding didn't do me any harm by that point at all. I wouldn't pump unless your boobs are killing you and then I'd just do enough to relieve the pressure. I'd plan on nursing last thing before leaving and first thing when being united. Even if she doesn't take a bottle or dropper, she'll be okay for 4 hours. Smile

Good luck!

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I find if I fed either of the girls before i go out they tend to sleep for longer than they do for me holding them. If I'm holding them they must smell the milk because they wake up gumming my shirt.

DD2 takes a bottle fine but by this point DD1 was resisting. When other people looked after her she would take a few ounces to hold her over and have a longer nursing session when I got home. That works out too because I'd have more milk because I missed a nursing session.

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So the LC agreed with you all that I shouldn't need to pump while at the party.

I'm gonna update the rest on my other thread.

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I think you should be fine to not pump, and hopefully she will take some formula. I always had one side feeding babies, and then I had twins, so obviously both sides were draining. With my singles I liked having some milk in the freezer, and wanted to do so with my twins, but so hard when you are always emptied. I pumped twice, both times they had fallen asleep early for the night/nap, and I felt engorged and pumped, and then not long after the woke and were screaming and fussy the rest of the night. It totally sucked, and I did not try pumping again.... so yeah, I think with her needing to eat constantly, she should be fine with a little formula. But I would test out the bottle a bit before.

And how nice to have grandma watch the kids, I'm sure she can handle a fussy girl, and if she knows the medicine dropper trick, all should be well. Smile

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I almost didn't go to the party at all. I ate some McDonald's food on Tuesday and then got REALLY sick on Wed. I lost 5lbs in 4 hours Wed morning and got so dehydrated that I barely recovered by Friday. My supply dropped significantly in those three days and I was worried about leaving her to formula since I had yet to recover my supply (still working on that part of recovery).

But I did go. We only stayed about 3 hours as I was feeling quite drained. She took the formula in the bottle just fine, drank a little over 2 oz and was acting like she'd take more. I fed her when we got home and she emptied me on both sides.

I gave her a 2 oz bottle the next evening after running empty during a feed and I gave it to her after the switch sides dance for 30 minutes. She seemed satisfied afterward but I put her back on the breast and she suckled on and off all night long.

The RTF formula is only good for 48 hours after you open it, so it gets dumped today ($10 for 4 oz... what a waste).

my supply is starting to pick back up. I was able to stomach oatmeal today, so hopefully it boosts it. I am considering getting a can of Allumentum powder as she still seems not completely satisfied in the evenings. This way I can rest assured she is getting enough when I can't squeeze any more out for her.

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Sorry you didn't have such a good time at DH's party... but I'm glad everything worked out with baby's feeding schedule!!