What is hurting???

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What is hurting???

Im not sure what is going on at this point. I've had some engorgement issues but I thought I'd resolved them.

My left side is hurting a LOT, especially if it's pressed down on (like by weight of baby being burped) but I cant find a place that *I* can TOUCH/press that makes it hurt.

Im pretty sure I dont have a clogged duct, and I've pumped and nursed (in multiple positions) on the side where the pain is until the entire breast is soft, but it still hurts. no red spots, no fever, just this pain.

anybody have any ideas???

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Hmmm, my first thoughts are that perhaps the duct is still a little clogged-sometimes it takes awhile for everything to work it's way out. Other than that, I don't have any advice but I hope you feel better!!

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Try heat in between feedings. I have the pads that you microwave and they work great. Got them at Target. You may have a very deep plug that you can't feel. I have had that happen before and heat really helps.