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    I am scheduled to attend a week training for work out of town the week before Christmas. I plan on pumping while I'm gone and have enough freezer stash for DD.

    What's the easiest way to bring my pumped milk back with me? Packed in my luggage or in a carry on? It's a short flight less than 2 hours and with it being in December I think my milk would probably freeze on the way back. I know I can have it with me in a carry on but with me being gone an entire week I'm probably going to have a decent amount.

    Any experience?

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    I've heard horror stories about bringing milk on a plane. Even though you're technically allowed to bring it doesn't mean the guys at the scanner know that or that they care in the slightest. Last year, a woman was held for several hours up at the Phoenix airport because she insisted on bringing her BM. My advice, ship it. Get a styrofoam box, fill it with lots of dry ice, and ship it or check it on the plane. Don't try to bring it through security. They will more than likely harass you.
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