Is it wrong I see "Scam" written all over this? (slighly O/T)

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Is it wrong I see "Scam" written all over this? (slighly O/T)

I, for some reason, just totally feel that this is a scam.. but what kind of a person would ask for donated breast milk as a scam? Not that I can donate anyway, but what do you guys think? Should I pass it on?

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I dunno... I have never heard of milk banks charging but I am not familiar with them as I donate through Human Milk for Human Babies SC branch... I cannot imagine what all is wrong with him that he would need radiation... I just dunno. I don't think it is a scam but I don't think the whole truth is there.

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and IMO, who wouldn't hospitalize when the doctor says to!

It just doesn't add up, does it?.

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Not sure. The data is consistent across posts. As a former PI, seems legit. I think it's more of a case of misinformation - maybe she doesn't understand what the problem is that doctors want to investigate? I found her Twitter account and Myspace that look to match up to her - she seems real just not knowledgeable (maybe very young?)

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If she is on FB send her this

I am on a local one myself. I no longer have milk as my kidos are 3 and 5 but I wish I had known about this site when my LO refused the bottle and I had 100 + ozs in the freezer I had to toss. People can post they need milk and others post when they have soem to donate.

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Thanks, guys!

Rachael.. you are awesome for researching this. Smile I totally didn't think to do that.

Kim thanks for the link. I'm gonna email it to her. Smile

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The link is no good now so I cannot comment on it but I have donated and got the person in need via FB at Eats of Feets.

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FWIW, I also saw "scam" the first time I saw the craigslist ad. I don't know why, that was just my visceral reaction. However, I saw on HM4HB that Yecenia is willing to meet up with some of the donor moms, so that indicates legitimacy to me Smile