14 weeks pregnant, nursing a toddler...

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14 weeks pregnant, nursing a toddler...

So, as far as I can tell, I'm still producing milk... I hear DD gulp, and if I give my boob a squeeze, what comes out looks like the same milk that it's been for the last 19mos.

BUT, DD has had nasty, STINKY, really soft poops for about a week now- maybe a little less. We're also dealing with all kind of diaper issues- stink, etc.

But, it just hit me now... could my milk be changing already and causing her poops to change? I have tried giving her every solidifying food I can think of... rice, mum-mums, bananas... and it's still coming out like mush and seems to be irritating her heiny more than usual. Used to be I had to be careful about giving her mum-mums because she would get constipated... couldn't do more than one every couple of days... now I am giving them to her as much as she likes, with no effect! But, her poops are super stinky- not smelling like EBM poo at all...

I should just look this up in my Breastfeeding Answers book... but does anyone have personal experience with this?

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So I'm not an expert but I'll share with you what I've been noticing with DS2 poops for over a month now while nursing and pregnant. I am producing milk still also and am nearing 21 weeks.

His poop has totally changed from more firm and light color to more soft and a blackish color. Not overly runny or mushy but way more soft than what is normal for him. The color is killing me and there has been no change in his diet that would account for the blackish color. I keep wondering if my milk is starting to contain more colostrum and that is accounting for the dark/black poop. I pump 1 time per week while at a night class and the milk I express seems pretty normal for me and thick, not as thin as the colostrum I expressed right after birth. I'm pretty confused on that whole thing. Does the milk turn into 100% colostrum at some point or is there like a mix?

I've looking in all the BFing books I have and there is very little info about nursing while preg. in them. I'd also love to hear personal experience from others. I hate feeling like I'm charting new territory alone. I'm glad your still nursing too Mara!

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I'm nursing my almost 2 year old and I am 16 weeks pregnant. I haven't noticed a big change with DS's poops, but he only nurses once a day. He always has soft runny poops, so nothing has changed. He does constantly get diaper rashes though, and it's a real pain. Is your DD drinking any cows milk? I know with DS1 when he started to drink a lot of cow's milk he got really bad diaper rashes.

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My DD doesn't drink any cow's milk. I don't believe in it. Smile Especially not while she's still nursing- especially since she still nurses a lot (like 4 times a day, easily).

DD's poops have just gone really soft, but the color if anything has gone kind of reddish/orangish. Definitely not black or anything.

But DD also hasn't had any dietary changes that would be causing this to happen. The only thing I can think of that has been a big change is that *I* have been consuming a lot of cow's milk, and usually I don't have any at all. But I am addicted to cereal this pregnancy, and the only alternate milk I can get is soy and hazelnut, and they just don't do it for me. Rice milk I would drink, even oat milk... but not available, so I have been having tons of cow's milk- and surprisingly doing just fine on it. But maybe THAT is effecting DD?

I'm trying to get onto my local LLL page on facebook (for some reason I can't find it, even though my friends say it is there)... but I'm going to post the same question there. I'll let you know if I get any good answers!

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I nursed my first dd through my entire second pregnancy (and then tandem nursed) and my second for about a month or two through my third pregnancy before she weaned. I don't remember any huge change with DD1. I might think that it was the dairy in your diet..