15 months today...

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15 months today...

And still nursing 2-3 (or more times ) times a night. How do you ladies deal with it? Do they need it or are they just using me as a means to fall back asleep? Kay I dont mind as much nursing as she doesn't nurse as well during the day but I don't understand brad though. Sorry. I think I'm just over tired and a little frustrated Sad

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Are they in the same crib? it could be he wants it cause she's getting it?

DH helped me night wean Evie when she had her lip tie done in October, but we are back to nursing 1-2x in the middle of the night. I got depressed again and found that I enjoy comforting her. It's not really causing her to wake more often. She sleeps through the night about once a week now. I am trying to just let her nurse for a short length of time and then putting her back down, but she doesn't like it. I had to last night, though. I was sick and couldn't sit any longer. She stopped fussing by the time I got back to my bed. Gives me hope for another night. Smile

If their weights are good, and they are eating well during the day, I'd say it's comforting to them. Either they are waking for another reason and needing the comfort to settle back down, or (if they are consistent on the times they wake for it) are waking out of habit. Just like you or I wake at that time, even if they don't. Bodies get used to waking at certain times.

Oh.. and congrats on making it to 15 months!!! AND with twins!!!