2 years of breastfeeding!

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2 years of breastfeeding!

My son will be 2 years old tomorrow and we are still happily breastfeeding! Never in a million years would I have thought I would have been able to breastfeed for this long. I took it month by month and was soo happy to get to 6 months, then a year, then anything after that was a bounus. I love telling people about how they can be successful breastfeeding even if they weren't able to breastfeed a previous child. I wish I could find the LC that wasn't supportive when I had issues breastfeeding my daughter and she told me "she didn't think I was really determined to breastfeed." She would be eating those words now as I feel soo proud of being able to give my son breastmilk for soo long Smile Congrats to all you mommies who are still breastfeeding and lets support each other in our choice to breastfeed our children for over a year- yay!!!

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Way to go Kelly! What an amazing accomplishment - you should be very proud!!

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Congrats!!! Two years! What an awesome milestone! I can't believe the LC said that. One of the best pieces of advice I got when I was having a lot of issues with BFing DD was from an LLL leader / LC who said babies are hard wired to breast feed. Not that it doesn't work out for some, but I'd think they'd want to be encouraging.

It must feel so awesome to be that support system that not everyone has. WTG!

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Wow, congratulations!!!! I will be celebrating the same milestone in a few days, and also had issues with my first. Boooooo to the negative LC you had with your first! What a great way to show her up. Congrats again!!

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That is awesome!

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congrats!! Before babies I never thought I would bf over a year, love shocking ppl that I plan on going to 2yrs this time. Smile

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Congrats to you guys. That is awesome. I am still breastfeeding my almost 17 month old and plan to keep going as long as she wants. I also had issues with my other 2 boys so i understand the pride you have. I have no problem telling people i still breastfeed because i think its awesome.

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:woohoo: congrats! So glad that you've had such a great experience the second time around and that you can be an inspiration to women who had bad information or no support the first time - that they CAN do it! :woohoo:

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