20 mths and nursing like crazy now?

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20 mths and nursing like crazy now?

Hi ladies! I've never posted on this board before but I'm hoping to find some with simular experiences. My youngest is 20 months old and has exclusively nursed the entire time. At about 16-18 months, roughly, he cut back to nursing once or twice at night. Just the past few days though, he wants to nurse all the time. No water. No milk. Just mom. It kind of frustrates me b/c although I love nursing him, we want to try for number three soon and I want him (fingers crossed) sleeping through the night and in his own crib/bed. Being preggo and nursing also seems a little difficult to me.

So has anyone experienced this or have a simular story? I'd greatly appreciate any feedback. Do you think this could be from teething? (he's been awfully grumpy and chewing on his blanket)


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I nursed my son until 20mo, when i weaned him (my choice, not his) and now DD is 18mo, and both have gone through different phases of interest and disinterest. DS was down to once a day at 18mo, then he got a horrible stomach bug where he couldn't keep anything down but my milk (probably helpful that it was in such small quantities too). At that point he reverted back to like 10x a day :rolleyes: but I let him do it because he was sick. So it took me about 2 months to get him back to once a day and then I had to bite the bullet and say no to the only session left (middle of the night). I haven't nursed a baby past that stage, but I'm sure there will be times of more nursing and times of less interest as you go along.

PS: I thought that weaning Drew at that point would make him STTN... but it didn't really work :rolleyes: He finally did that on his own schedule around 2 years old. So if you want him to sleep on his own, weaning may not really figure into that - in my experience they were two separate problems.

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It could totally be teeth. Whenever DD gets a new set of teeth she's pretty much attached to my boob 24/7. She just got her canines and I'm exhausted. Since we've been through it before I know it'll end soon enough and she'll go back to just waking once or twice to nurse. I too worry about where she'll be sleeping and how much night nursing she'll be doing when it comes time to try for #2. I know a few moms who've nursed through pregnancy and nursing during the day doesn't seem too bad. Its the long nights that worry me. I think pregnancy will be what ultimately forces me to night wean her.

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DD will be 15 months next Monday and she's still a boob girl. She has never been a fantastic sleeper, but with a good bed time routine, I was able to get her sleeping most of the night. She does get up a lot if she's teething hard, but otherwise it's once or twice a night.

I have found the No Cry Sleep Solution to be a big help in keeping DD sleeping well. It's no secret formula, and a lot of it was stuff I was already doing, but it's got a lot of good ideas on how to get your (bfing-though-the-night) LO to sleep better. I knew I wanted to get her sleeping under control for her sake and mine before we TTC. Seems to be going well so far.

Hope you find something that works well for you soon and that his teething gets better.

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I have no advice, sorry. Smile

But Mia, thanks for the No Cry Sleep Solution, I read it with my older one, but that was more than a few years ago now.. need to read that again!

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Thanks ladies! I'm def going to have to check out that book. Smile

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My DD is 19.5 months old. I nursed her all through pregnancy (DS is 11 weeks) and she's still goin strong. I did night wean her half way through my pregnancy though, and I won't lie, I really regret it. DS is a FANTASTIC sleeper, so if she were still nursing at night currently, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, now she doesn't nurse back to sleep, but she has upped the times she wakes at night to 5-6. Go figure. So I wouldn't wean in hopes he sleeps through the night, and you might find in pregnancy it's waaay easier to just nurse him at night so you don't have to get up, etc. Also, if he's still nursing when the next one comes along (in the day anyway) it might help with jealousy. My DD loves to nurse with her brother. Smile But it's whatever works for you.