All done!

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All done!

Its been one week! He weaned just a few days shy of his 2nd birthday! He also potty trained that same week too!!

Bittersweet,indeed!! But I was really happy that he did it on his terms.

So, to recap:

Breastfed 24 months with breast augmentation, low supply and supplementation(the first year.)

IT was a good run!!! What a way to close out my babymaking days Biggrin

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Woo hoo! You did a fantastic job! Be sure and celebrate your success. :mrgreen:

My son is pretty much weaned. He's nursed like 3 times this month. Pretty sure we'll be 100% done before the end of the month. Definitely bittersweet.

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Congratulations! It's especially nice to end on his terms! What a big boy though - PTing and weaning in the same timeframe!!!

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Congrats!! It is bittersweet. Morgan weaned on her own in May (1 month before she turned 2) and I was glad she did it on her own. Now potty training is a different story Smile

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Way to go!!! Bittersweet but you rocked this BFing thing hardcore.