Another question for you lovely ladies :)

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Another question for you lovely ladies :)

Hi Again Ladies,

Have another situation for you: How do you deal with loopsided boobs?!

It seems for the past couple of months (basically since Kay has started her short feeds) that my right breast is always more full then my left. I usually feed one babe to one breast but Kay doesnt drain me the way brad does so my right breast is always bigger.

I've tried stopping brad half way through and changing breast and doing the same with Kay. It was fine with Brad but once I tired to switch Kay she gets bored and doesnt feed anymore so the one breast is always bigger. I always make sure to switch who feeds on what breast so the supply logically should be the same in both. Any other suggestions? Anyone else deal with this? And why is it always the right breast?

(sorry if I'm bugging you with questions!)

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I have one breast that has been noticeably bigger than the other since about DD was about 2 months old. I always block nursed and never noticed any difference in the amount that she nursed on the smaller right side. I thought at first my supply was lower on that side but its almost 10 months later and she has never had an issue with it. I was told by someone that the breast tissue may just be bigger on the other side and the supply the same. Size doesn't matter for supply. And I have tiny boobs so I can confirm that lol. I'm just praying they even back out when I stop nursing. HTH.

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Most women find that one breast is the bigger producer. Mine was righty. I haven't noticed a difference in ages. You might just be noticing it more now because your boobs have been working double time all along and now the twins are nursing less. It'll be a little annoying for awhile but it'll work its way out.