Another Sleep Question...Sigh

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Another Sleep Question...Sigh

I haven't posted in awhile because we bought a house and have been moving Smile Sooooo, of course Morgan's sleep has been horrible. Pre-move she started in her crib (which was right by our bed) and went to sleep around 7:30 on her own without nursing. She would wake anytime b/t 11 and 1 ish and I would pull her into bed with me, nurse, and back to sleep with 1-2 more nursing sessions before morning. For the first few nights of the move we didn't have her crib set up so she slept with me all night. Last night we set up her crib in her room that she is sharing with DD1. I did our normal talk about our day and put her in her crib and she wasn't having it! I mean she screamed bloody murder, almost like a scared scream. Definitely different than her normal "I just don't like this" cry. I let her go about 10 minutes and ended up going in and rubbing her back and she fell asleep. She woke up a couple hours later screaming and I pulled her into bed.

So, I am looking for advice on how to proceed. I am not opposed to letting her cry some, but definitely don't want to let her cry for a long period of time.

DH is another story. He asked, as she screamed, "so, we are committed to having in her crib all night right"? I was like considering she is screaming bloody murder and probably would be all night, NO! we are not. Not to mention she still nurses at night so she would be in a new house, in her own crib all night, and night weaned at the same time. Not to mention I am totally sleep deprived and don't want to be up all night with a screaming toddler. UMMMM, I don't think

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I bet its just anxiety from the move. We went on a three week vacation over the holidays this year during which we pretty much exclusively co-slept. It took about a week to get things back to normal. So, you're attempting to move her to a shared room with her sister? Maybe take a step back and put the crib in your room until she's settled into the new house.

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I agree with Erin... it's a lot going on for her... and she probably is freaked out by all the changes. I suppose it's possible that there are some kids out there who would just go, "Oh, this is the new set up? I sleep here now? Ok!" and be good with it... but, then there are the rest of them... my DD would not take to it kindly either. Someone (a parent with much older children) gave me some good advice recently... meet your kids where THEY are... and then go from there. So if she needs some extra loving and security right now after the big move, give it to her... I don't think we'll ever regret meeting our children's needs. When she settles, then you can worry about keeping her in the crib/moving her to the other room.

For now, could you try to put her back in the crib after you nurse in the night? Maybe it's possible (maybe!) that she would cut down a nursing session? Seems like if you could keep her in her crib, but in your room, then it would be easier to move her crib and all to another room later.

Good luck!!! KUP!

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I had thought about that. I don't really think DH would be too happy. He really would like for Morgan to sleep better and be out of our room. I know DH is just concerned for my wellfare because I have been sleep deprived for so long. It has taken a toll on me.

Morgan is really tentative in new situations so I think we are going to have to do baby steps.

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Every time we're go on vacation or move it takes time for Aiden to adjust. I'm really dreading our upcoming move in two weeks because I know his sleep is going to be off from it until we get into a new house and settle there. His sleep went awful for awhile when we moved here in December.
It's hard for kids to go from being in the same room with their parents all night to suddenly being in their own room! Does she nap in there at all? That was our first step. Then we went to starting off the night in the crib (in his own room) and then cosleeping once he woke up. He's in his crib all night now.
I know I've read of others who start off with the crib next to the bed and the slowly move it across the room and eventually into the kid's own room.

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Well, we decided to keep the crib in the room with her sister. The last two nights haven't been too bad. I have to admit that one of the nights she fell asleep before I put her to bed and last night I sat by the crib until she fell asleep. I am hoping that instead of moving the crib I can just stay with her and have myself move slowly out of the room. I have heard of that method too. I am just bringing her into bed with me the first time she gets up until she gets used to the new house. I will keep you posted Smile

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So we have moved forward slowly with "sleep training" if you want to call it The last three nights I have put her to bed without sitting by the crib with her. She fusses for a few minutes, but has gone to bed pretty easily. She used to go to bed on her own at our old house, so it has not been that difficult to get back into the routine at the new house. I have also cut her down to nursing twice in the middle of the night. If she asks more than that, I direct her to her stuffed dog and blanket. She has been OK with this so far. Now I have to get up the courage to cut another nursing session. That is not going to be an easy task.

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I'm glad things are going better with getting her to fall asleep in her own room. Its hard to adjust to everything new when you move. Give her some more time to settle in and then tackle your next goal slowly.

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