Anyone still around?

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Anyone still around?

I know I'm not the only one BFing a toddler - where did you all go?! Smile

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I'm around, but mostly lurk mode. Still nursing my 25m old on a very regular basis. lol

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Yep, I'm still nursing my 2 year old along with her little brother... but yeah, all that nursing (well, mostly the newborn nursing) doesn't leave much time for!

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Still around with my 21 month old who at this point looks as though he will never give his boobies up and loves to nurse all night, we are at almost new born nursing at night, every one to two hours

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Are you all letting them self-wean or planning on a bit more of a nudge/mommy-wean at some point?

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Hi ladies! I haven't posted in a while but I am still nursing my son and he will be 3 in September! I never thought I would be breastfeeding this long but I just love it too much to stop right now, he he!

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Still nursing Aiden. Right now it's really hurting me, so he only gets it when he REALLY asks for it (so distraction won't help) which is pretty much just in the mornings when he wakes up. If the pain goes down I'll let him nurse more but it's worse than newborn right now.

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Yep yep. Still here. 21 months as of Monday. I'm still on the path of letting her self wean, which will probably be sometime around the time she goes to college if she has her way. She's going through phases of being horridly obnoxious with wanting boobies boobies boobies all.the.time. But then just as I get fed up she backs off. Great tactic, huh? We've switched up bedtime a bit to give my poor boobs a break. DH puts her down 2 out of 3 nights after I read books and nurse her. My nipples just ache so much because her latch SUCKS. At least I'm finally able to reason with her a tad when she's begging and I just can't bring myself to nurse because its so painful.

I'd like to have my boobs back for just a little bit before nursing a newborn again but I doubt that will happen without some effort on my part. If TTC goes to plan, T will be about 3 when Next Baby arrives. I just don't see her self weaning before then. I don't think I'm fond of the idea of tandem nursing but then again it might be nice to still have that to give to her when her little toddler life gets thrown upside down by the arrival of a sibling.

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Yep, here but busy. Nursing my 20 month old & 2 month old.
Odin is down to 1 time a day. Hard to say if he'll give that up soon. Totally helps him stay grounded with a NB in the picture.