Breastfeeding and Birth Control (xposted)

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Breastfeeding and Birth Control (xposted)

So I am still nursing my 16mo old twin boys. I would really like to go to two years. I nursed my dd for 14 mo, and my ds for 18mo. I love nursing. Anyhow, I had my annual with my ob this week and discussed future birth control, for when I am done nursing. Currently we are using condoms, but ya know, they are not much fun. Smile I got a prescription for the NuvaRing, which I have used before and liked. I do not plan on using it while nursing, but if I need to.... I want some opinions.

My doc said (whom I love) that it could probably mess with my supply, but it may not. They do not know effects of b/c on a nursing baby, but that many people use b/c when nursing. My main concern is that I have extremely heavy periods, and this last one was rather concerning. So of course b/c is the usual way to fix heavy periods. We'll see if the next few periods are that heavy, and if they are, I may need to use the b/c to regulate it, because a momma of twins and two others can not really lay around lightheaded all day, ya know?

So what are your thoughts on breastfeeding and birth control? Anyone have any resources they want to share?? Smile


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From what I've read and discussed with my dr. if you use the mini pill you shouldn't have any supply issues. I'm not sure how the mini pill will work to help lighten your period. I have the mini pill but haven't tried taking it yet.

Good luck!

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Like any other kind of b/c that's hormonal there's a chance it could mess with your supply. Odds are though, nursing twins you're probably pretty regulated by now. With Nuvaring it's a lower dose since it's 'right at the source' basically.

If it were me, I would have no problems going on Nuvaring, and considered it recently, though I wound up getting a Mirena instead since we're probably done procreating. I have been on Nuvaring before and LOVED it. I reacted to all other hormonal b/c I tried, the pill, patch, shot. Nuvaring was great cause it's not as hormonal. lol.

Sounds like the benefits of it would be good for you and your heavy periods. I hope you find an answer soon! And WTG with all the nursing!

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Thankfully the periods have not been as heavy as that one, still heavier than I like, but at least not the scary heavy. I used the nuvaring for bc after ds#1, and loved it, and yes, I had all kinds of problems with other b/c, tried 4 kinds in one year, so totally sticking with what I know worked before. Smile So far I have not used it... Smile