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Cows Milk

During the week I am only able to nurse the babes 2-3 times a day because of work and they get cows milk to replace the missed nursing sessions. On the weekend, we go to exclusive nursing, each baby nursing 4-5 times. We had their 18 month appt and the doc was once again not happy with their weight gains. so my question is this: on the weekends To add calories, should I give cows milk between nurses instead of their water sippys? What does everyone else do? I'm just trying to add as many calories as possible but will they be miked out?


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hmmm, first I'd ask if the doctor has a valid concern. Are they dropping off their personal growth chart? Are they very active kids?

If the doc's concern is also your concern then I'd look at their over all diet. Perhaps you can increase calories in food instead of filling them up on milk. I have a friend who went through something like this. She added cream cheese to graham crackers, used whole milk instead of 1%, and added more peanut butter to her son's diet.

I personally think breastmilk is much better for them than cow's milk so I wouldn't up the cow's milk, I'd add more calories to their food intake. I assume they are eating quite a bit of table food at 18 months.

My two cents! Good luck increasing their weight!

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Breast milk as far as I remember has more calories and nutrition in it than cow's milk. My son, even at that age, doesn't even drink cow's milk everyday. I'd look at them as a whole people and see if there's any other concerns. Are they quickly dropping off of their personal growth lines? Are they healthy in every other way? Drives me nuts when doctors just look at one number and not at everything else. It's very typical for toddlers to really slow down in growth - they're so active! Your language makes me think that they gained weight, just not enough for the doctor's thinking. But that means they're gaining, which is good. Not like they lost weight. Beee If *you* are concerned I agree with looking into their solid food diet - avocados are a good food to add if they like it! Don't let the doctor worry you - would you be concerned about them at all if the doctor hadn't said anything? Smile

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I too would recommend increasing calories via food rather than more cow's milk especially if you are nursing several times. I would be concerned that increasing their dairy intake would cause the calcium to block other nutrient absorption such as iron and zinc. Plus the extra cow's milk might fill them up so they may not want to eat much at meal times which would make their diet less varied.

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I have posted here a few times, and just wanted to add some support/ advice.

not to be nosy but is it that dr wants to see more growth or is dr concerned with just actual weight?

your lo's are almost my Lilly's age, and i have always had to nurse her tons, and she is always hungry, no problems just a higher metabolism, but what she really loves and keeps her full and is high in calories are Avacados, Brown rice and she loves Beans any kind.
Oh and i agree with others, I would try more food, and not add extra milk since it tends to fill the belly, and can reduce actual food consumption.
I let her nurse as much as she wants but has dropped down to about 3 times a day and twice at night, I always offer food at meal times, but let her snack, have several meals of her own when she is hungry. that way she learns to regulate her food intake, more naturally. if that makes sense.

lurking around again.

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How are they doing now, Krista?