Do you know how much milk you are making?
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Thread: Do you know how much milk you are making?

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    Default Do you know how much milk you are making?

    A couple weeks ago I had a stubborn plugged duct (I still get them every so often) that I didn't want to turn into mastitis and decided to pump mid-day since Morgan only nurses in the middle of the night. I was surprised to find that I only pumped 1 oz between both of my breasts. I knew that I wasn't making a lot, but I figured I would have had 2 or 3 oz in there. It was interesting to me. Of course I froze that ounce....I can't dump bm even now

    And yes, Morgan is still nursing in the middle of the night. She is down to one time though (two if she is sick/teething).
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    Nope, haven't pumped in months! I'm a terrible pumper anyway though!

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    I haven't pumped in 6 months so no idea. You may be making 2-3 oz though because most people seem to get less when expressing than nursing.

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    I don't think I'm making all that much but I really have no idea. I really only feel let downs when she nurses after school whereas I used to feel them every time. DD is finally night weaned but she nurses maybe a million times per day. She's not really actively nursing for the most part. She just wants to sit there with my boob in her mouth. Its starting to really drag on me. I so wish we could be down to like twice a day instead of her begging for boob every half hour. Perhaps it'll get better once these pesky molars are in.

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    Wow.. I really have no idea.. without meds, or constant nursing? Hmm... i know that let down is pretty short.. i mean, like no more than a minute at most.

    And we also only nurse on one side, so I am really clueless LOL!
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    I have no idea. I have never felt let down and DS hasn't gulped down milk indicating a let down in months. I haven't pumped since last summer and even then it was with a manual. Aiden normally only nurses 2-3 times a day, though I've been making him nurse more this week with us being sick.

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