Dropping a feed

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Dropping a feed

I have never tried to drop a feed before, but it's looking like I am going to need to drop our early evening feed which occurs when we get home for the day around 5:30. I would be glad to keep it because it,s always been our way to reconnect, but DS is on to one sleep a day at day care as of this week and he has been falling asleep during this feed which of course means he won't sleep at night andI already have huge issues getting him to sleep. How do I drop this feed without causing too many dramas for DS and not losing that time to reconnect

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Maybe try all the newborn tricks of keeping kids awake for a feeding? Ya know, annoy them. Lol You could offer him a snack when y'all get home instead. I bet within another week or two he'll adjust to having only the one nap and won't fall asleep on you. We've been making Aiden go to one nap this past week and it was rough those first 3 days, but the past two days he's been choosing to only have one nap. We were having issues with him wanting to fall asleep during an early evening nursing, but not anymore. I just gave him milk in a sippy instead of nursing for a couple of days (he was pissed at me for a few minutes, but got over it) and then we were back to having our session as always. HTHs some. I know every kid is different and Ronin might be more determined than my DS to sleep!

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You could try offering a sippy cup with milk or a snack while he sits in your lap with a book and you read to him? That worked for us when DS was weaning off the bottle. With DD, she naturally dropped that particular feeding first actually with no issues. It was more about reconnecting with her rather than the food aspect. As long as I hold her, tickle her, show her love and maybe read a book she readjusts to being home.

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Haha Jackie, he is only determined to sleep ar this one time, other than that he refuses for sleep. He won't really go for milk in a sippy either, most of the very small amount I give him for day care is thrown out every day. I am going to try some of these though and hopefully something works, I actually want to get him started sleeping at a decent hour this year, and making doing four to five hours at a time at night, i'm sure it will be too much to ask for him to do it in his own bed though

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I'd also trying offering a snack at that time instead and then have some 1 on 1 play time or book time to reconnect. Also since he is probably tired you can move bedtime a little earlier. Do you do a feeding before going to bed? If bedtime is like an hour earlier then that next feeding will be earlier as well. When we dropped a mid-morning feed a few months back it was replaced with a snack time. Good luck!

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We've been working on dropping a later afternoon feed for similar reasons. I offer Em a snack, sippy and lots of play time. If I try to cuddle her too much, she'll want to nurse but if she has a fun distraction and something to drink she's okay.