Extended BFing and Cow's Milk

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Extended BFing and Cow's Milk

I never dreamed we'd get here, but DD turned one on Sunday and we're still BFing strong. I want to nurse her until she's 2-2.5 or whenever she self weans in that time.

I know she doesn't need anything else for milk, but I'm thinking of giving her some milk to try just to see how she does with it. I plan to still pump if I'm away from her to keep my supply up.

I'm just curious when you started giving them cow's milk and how you balanced it with bfing? Does your LO just get cows milk on occasion or with meals (which is what we do with water).


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my first was a nursing fiend and never took to cows milk until she weaned when she was 33 months old.
my second started drinking a cup of cows milk a day around 10/11 months old. she wasn't as interested in nursing, and I SAH and don't pump. She weaned on her own when she was about 13.5 months because I was pregnant again.

I would probably just try a small cup with a meal at first to see how she likes it. A lot of BF babies won't drink cows milk. Smile

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Good to know. Thanks for the info. Smile

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Hi Mia. First, congrats on hitting a year! That is a great milestone. I'm still nursing my 22+ month old, but she has also had cow's milk since about 11 1/2 months. I started mixing in cows milk with breast milk in her bottles at school - first (for a six oz bottle), one oz of cm and 5 oz of bm - each week I would add one more oz of cm and one less of bm. She still nursed on demand when she was with me (after a year, this was basically am, pm and nap time). Other than that, she drank cm. At this point, we're down to just one session before bedtime and she drinks milk/water/juice the balance of the day.

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:wavehello: Hi. With my DS and DD, neither really cared for cows milk at first. I had to introduce it several times over a period of months for them to transition for their daytime bottles (working outside the home and not pumping after a year).

Good luck if you decide to try it, keep in mind that it may upset their tummy at first too, it did with mine, but they outgrew that in time.

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All my 3 were bf until past 18 months, but I did start giving cow's milk after a year. Usually 1/2 cup with meals, starting with just once a day. All of mine liked it right from the start, although they still liked their breastmilk too. Wink I didn't have any trouble with digestion problems, nor did it interfere with breastfeeding. They could still nurse whenever they wanted, but had cow's milk as an option too.

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Thanks again for the responses!

I work at home, which is nice but she's been nursing all hours of the night again for the past week. Sometimes she sleeps well, but I'm almost certain it's her teeth. Poor baby has at least four that are really swollen but moving slowly.

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Ava is 17 months and nurses all day long (like 5x-6x)- she also gets a cup of milk at every meal and it hasn't hurt her nursing demand.

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"lablover1" wrote:

Ava is 17 months and nurses all day long (like 5x-6x)- she also gets a cup of milk at every meal and it hasn't hurt her nursing demand.

Good to know! I am trying to remember to give her a sippy cup at meals (with water) to get her used to it. Mostly she just likes to chew. Someday!

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My babies have not usually taken right to cows milk. But we did start giving it just before the year mark, though continued breastfeeding past then (still nursing my almost 20mo old twin boys). Anyhow... we sweeten it up a bit with ovaltine, adds some extra calories for my underweight babies as well, and has lots of vitamins as well, more than nesquik when we compared. Smile

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With Adam, he got cows milk introduced around a year but he was FF and that was what was advised 8 years ago. With Logan, I waited til he was over a year but all 4 times I gave it to him, he got sick. No testing was done but the ER doctor agreed that he had a milk allergy which he has outgrown but he doesn't like cows milk AT ALL. Xander loves it though. I gave it to him sometime after he turned 1, I don't remember when really but he wanted it so I let him try it and he'll drink it. I don't usually give it to him though because he still nurses a lot so I don't feel he needs it.