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Help needed

My son woke up the other day with a bit of a runny nose. He didn't want to nurse and I thought it was just because of his nose. I had to be out of town for work that night, so wasn't able to nurse him then either. Then when my husband and son joined me (my conference was at the beach) he still refused to nurse and every time I offered, he bit me. I found out today that he has just cut a tooth, so that may be part of the problem.

So, what do you ladies think? I'm so afraid he is weaning.

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Just keep trying. The tooth and the cold together may be the problem. If you are truly worried you can call a lactation consultant or LLL leader to help in real life.

Sometimes kids want to nurse extra when getting a tooth, sometimes they don't want to. Perhaps if you think it's the tooth you could make sure he has a lot of chances to soothe his tooth before you try nursing (chewing on cool stuff, etc.) Good luck!

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Carrie had some good suggestions - how have things been in the last few days? Is he "back to normal"?

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My daughter nursed to 19 months, but she had brief periods where she refused nursing - starting when she was about 9 months, then around a year, then a couple more times before she finally finished. It would last for a day or two, where she'd refuse, then have some the next time but less than normal, then refuse the next time again. I'm not sure if it was teething - I was too busy to keep track at the time! lol But she did get back to normal every time, so I doubt he's weaning. Just keep offering, and he'll get back on track.


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I'm sorry for the troubles.

I agree with Carrie that it could easily be a combo of the teething/cold. My DD loves to nurse when she's teething, but sometimes she just gets frustrated with the discomfort to the point she pushes me away for a while.

Maybe some nurse in time would help? Or having your breasts exposed to entice him a bit when he's playing or doing something quiet?

I agree that seeing an LC or LLL leader would be a good idea if you're still having issues. I hope the cold teething pain, and bfing are going better!