Hi from an other extended bf

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Hi from an other extended bf

DD and I are past the 20 month mark.
She has been a b/f pro from birth. She likes her 'lait la' aka milk there. Until recently she called cow's milk water.
We are winding down. I only bfeed her once before bed, and once or twice in the night.
I had planed to wean her over the summer, but I think it might go into the fall.
I've been getting coments about that she is getting too old. I reply that it does not hurt her, and it keeps my breast cysts away.

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Congrats Louise!!! Smile

And definitely not too old. There are still several babies BFing on the Oct/Nov 10 BB. :mrgreen:

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Congrats on making it to 20 months!!

DEFINITELY not too old. Extended BFing does more than just keep your breast cysts away and "not hurt" her. Here's some more ammo to fire at those who dare to question what you do with your boobs.

BFing beyond infancy:
Continues to supply valuable nutrition and immune boosting agents
Has been linked to higher IQ & reduced risk of obesity
Supports social development
Encourages the development of independence (because she knows you'll always be there for her)
Reduces your risk of breast, ovarian, endometrial, and uterine cancers
Reduces your risk of rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis
Assists you in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight


AND if that isn't enough to keep going, it is a quick and easy way to put a toddler to bed, soothe fears and booboos, and reconnect after time away.

Anyone who thinks you are damaging her by nursing is just plain wrong. Anyone who thinks you're doing it out of selfishness has never nursed a toddler. They are like savage little wolverines who kick, pinch, smack, and otherwise torment the most tender parts of your body. Don't let the ignorance of others be the determining factor in your nursing relationship. Let it be your decision. After all, they're your boobs and she's your daughter.

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It also calms her out of a tantrum.
DH is obese (has been since a toddler) with t2 diabetes. I sometimes wonder if he had been b/f would he be a different preson today?

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Hi Louise!

Great job on 20 months! Like everyone said, don't let others determine when to stop. It's none of their business!

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Congrats! My DD is almost 27 mos and still nursing a couple times a day!

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if they think she's too old, theyd die of heart failure seeing my 3.5 yr old nursing lol... and i'd let them argue with her because she'd still say... "no... i have mo-mo"