I never thought i would post this but

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I never thought i would post this but

after 22 months of nursing my DD we are done. She was to the point of only nursing like 5 minutes before nap and bed and once in the middle of the night. I felt if i just gave her a little push she would be ok. It worked and she could really care less. It was 2 nights of crying for 2 minutes and asking for boobies and thats it. Now she is sleeping all night pretty much. She wakes up 1 time for a second to have a drink of water and goes right back to sleep. It is bitter sweet but we are going to start trying for #4 this summer so i will be doing it all again. I just wanted to thank all of you for your support for these past almost 2 years. Many of you dont even know you helped me along the way.

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Sara, congrats on a good long run of nursing...and what sounds like a very positive weaning experience. Smile

So excited for you to try for #4! Can't wait to follow that story! Smile

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Thanks Mara...i cant wait to meet (online anyway) your little Kong. We didnt find out the sex of any of ours either. So exciting.

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Congrats on your amazing journey!

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Congrats on 22 months!! It sounds like you were both ready. Good luck on TTC #4!

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Yay for 22 months!!!! That is awesome! How exciting about TTC #4 soon.!

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Congrats on 22 months!