I think I can call it now.. weaned!

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I think I can call it now.. weaned!

We made it to 21 months, but I *think* we're done now!

I was ok with going longer, but the opportunity to wean came up, and I took it. We went a whole week without nursing, then I caved and let her nurse once, and now it's been another week.

She still asks about once every day or two, but is fairly easily distracted/redirected. She definitely asks more when she's tired.

And now I get to wear a regular bra for the first time in almost two years! Crazy! Wink

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LOL about the regular bra!!! Been there done that! ha ha

Congrats on 21 months! Just about the same amount as my DD and I.

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Haha! I had to take my bra off at the doc's on Friday and the nurse commented on how nice it was! LOL She had NO clue it was a nursing bra. (thank you Motherhood Maternity Lace Bra's!) Lol

Congrats on having your chest back! Biggrin

We are still nursing here, and DH is wanting his play toys back. :roll:

Not sure when we will stop, but I'd like my chest back, just too lazy to work for it. Lol