I think I can call it now.. weaned!
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Thread: I think I can call it now.. weaned!

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    Default I think I can call it now.. weaned!

    We made it to 21 months, but I *think* we're done now!

    I was ok with going longer, but the opportunity to wean came up, and I took it. We went a whole week without nursing, then I caved and let her nurse once, and now it's been another week.

    She still asks about once every day or two, but is fairly easily distracted/redirected. She definitely asks more when she's tired.

    And now I get to wear a regular bra for the first time in almost two years! Crazy!

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    LOL about the regular bra!!! Been there done that! ha ha

    Congrats on 21 months! Just about the same amount as my DD and I.

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    Haha! I had to take my bra off at the doc's on Friday and the nurse commented on how nice it was! LOL She had NO clue it was a nursing bra. (thank you Motherhood Maternity Lace Bra's!)

    Congrats on having your chest back!

    We are still nursing here, and DH is wanting his play toys back.

    Not sure when we will stop, but I'd like my chest back, just too lazy to work for it.
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