I think we are all weaned. :(

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I think we are all weaned. :(

So bittersweet! I feel so very blessed to have been able to nurse my twins for two years. There are so many that did not think I would be able to do nurse for long, logistically, time, supply, etc. But we did!!It was amazing tandem nursing my little babes who are now big two year olds (well, not that big, one just made it on the chart at 6% and the other at 34% lol). It took some serious work trying to nurse two tiny babies, but we eventually got it all figured out and in our groove. I started the weaning process in October-ish, cutting out feeds, it was heartbreaking when I had to refuse. But come December we were down to just nap time and bed time nursing. Mid December dh took over the bedtime routine so we eliminated the need to nurse, then just after their second birthday we switched up the naptime routine and eliminated that feed as well. They have nursed about once a week since if they have happened to wake up in the middle of the night and the sippy cup did not suffice.

I sometimes wish I could have nursed even longer, but with extremely heavy periods and menstrual cycle problems, I need to start on some birth control. And I am just so proud of all three of us that we stuck with it and all loved it!

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You should be so proud of yourself!!! I know one person in real life who says nursing twins is simply impossible (and no, she doesn't have twins, so she is in no position to make such a statement) so I think I might have to mention you to her! Smile You are definitely an inspiration to nursing mothers everywhere for finding a way to make it work!

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Wow! Congrats on such a long nursing relationship with twins. Smile

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WTG mama! That is awesome!
Sad that it is such a bittersweet thing when these LO's wean but you did an amazing job.

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That is awesome and you should be so proud. I am sure its so bittersweet for you though. I will be there with you one day. I think i am going to wean around 2 as well. Great job x2.

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Congratulations! Great job momma!

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Congrats Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my nursing idol!!!

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Congrats! You did great!