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I'm back

Hi ladies, I posted here alot when my DD was nursing. She nursed until 37 months. It was an easy transition and I loved nursing her. DS is now almost a year old (next week) and I plan to do the same with him with a goal of 2 years and then re-examine depending on where we are at that time. DD was not ready to let go and that was fine. This time I think DS will be different and wean earlier but we'll see. I currently stay at home with him but would really like to go back to work soon at least parttime since I'd have to be here for DD to get off the bus from school.

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Congrats on another year of bf success, and good luck deciding to go back to work. Smile When my babies were tiny it was really difficult to leave them to work, but now that they're older I actually enjoy my time away and enjoy my work.

Welcome Back :wavehello:

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Congrats on another year of nursing! I also think my youngest will wean sooner than his big brother did. He's more independent and doesn't seem to "need" it as much as Logan did. Some kids are just different I guess Smile I know what you mean about wanting to return to work- sometimes I get stir crazy just being at home even though I love it.

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Great to see you over here, Jade! Congrats on one year and getting back to work.

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Congrats on one year!