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I'm just a couple weeks early but thought I would introduce myself since I was lurking and commented on a post. Smile

My name is Becky. My DD will be one year on Dec 16th. I plan on continuing to nurse her until she self-weans, or turns 2 (maybe, I love it so much, I may go longer), unless AF continues to stay away and we want to TTC before then. I love nursing but it has not been an easy journey for us. Thankfully our problems were mostly diet related and not physical supply or nursing problems. Around 4 weeks Claire started pulling off while nursing to cry, arching her back while nursing and just crying inconsolably. After a few weeks I decided to try a dairy free diet which helped a lot. Eventually the pedi said she had reflux and gave us meds but despite several month of using the meds I still doubt that diagnosis because there was no change while we were using them or when we stopped. The only thing that ever made a difference was my diet and co-sleeping. I ended up giving up dairy, soy, and wheat until she was almost 9 months old. Now I can eat all three and it doesn't seem to bother her but we still have some bad nights where I know one of us ate something that bothers her. The hardest part for me (other than the diet itself) was the lack of support from her first two pediatricians. Especially when she was dropping height and weight percentiles and the pedi suggested adding heavy cream to her baby food and pushing solids which is the opposite of what LLL recommends for a breastfed baby that is having trouble gaining!! We have a great pediatrician now and Claire is gaining again. She even gets to try dairy herself after her birthday although I don't plan on giving her cows milk for some time. Despite everything I love nursing and would do it all again.

Anyway, that's our story so far. Thanks for reading and getting to know us. Smile

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Welcome! I posted on the other bored about diet, etc. Smile

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Welcome and Yahoo for making it to a year. I am also hoping to make it to 2 years. We can cheer each other on!

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Hey Becky!! I'm sorry your pedis weren't supportive in the early months. It makes your nursing to a year even more of an accomplishment! I HATE it when pedis cause moms to doubt their bodies based on comparing babies to charts. No doubt Claire is just perfectly growing the way she was perfectly meant to. Teagan's stats at birth were 50th %ile. She was up to 99th%ile by 1 month and stayed there until about 6 months when her %iles started to sink. Now she's sub-50th %iles (except for her monstrous head ;)). Did my pedi worry? No. Did I worry? No. Would I have worried if my pedi had started pestering me? Probably. Don't doubt your milk or her nutrition unless she's having health problems.

I read your post in the other board but I'll respond here. Its so hard to keep up the creativity with snacks! Teagan loves cheese and yogurt so they're in heavy rotation. Here are some dairy free ideas:
Apple/Pumpkin butter on bread/crackers
Carrot sticks (my kid wont touch them but can't hurt to try)
Sliced bananas with almond/peanut butter
Frozen peas (again, my kid won't TOUCH them but they double as teethers)
Teagan liked various cereals at that age
Dried fruits that aren't too hard to chew

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Thanks for the suggestions Erin!

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Congrats on 1 year mark! I thought I'd go to 2 year as well but then DD weaned herself at 22 months so you never know what can happen! My DD also had a lactose sensitivity. My Pedi didn't believe me but I knew something was wrong. Cut out dairy and she was a different child! We were able to reintroduce dairy starting around a year and starting with yogurt. We did milk last and I still don't give much cows milk at all really.

snack ideas:

Hummus and carrots/pita chips/crackers
fruit of any kind
flash frozen fruits. They are basically like dried fruit but much easier to chew and yummy! Smile
yogurts and cheese sticks once you reintroduce dairy
veggies (mine won't touch them)

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I'm so excited that you're coming onto a year after everything y'all have been through!!! :party: