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I have another question for you lovely ladies so I thought I would just start a new thread. Is it possible to improve a latch this far in the game? Kaylee has never had a great latched but I just got used to it. Lately though I've noticed its a little painful when she nurses. Not to the point where I need to stop but its a little uncomfortable. She's always just taken nipple but it seems she is pulling back more on me (almost in an effort to contol flow) and thats when it hurts. I figure its a little too late but I thought I would ask anyway. Thanks Ladies Smile

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It's never too late! My son's latch went to hell this year and I have been able to correct it. Just took me awhile. He wasn't taking in enough and I had to keep unlatching him and telling him "open your mouth!" (still do at times, but he listens) I've heard of other moms having to tell their toddlers to open wide and stick out their tongue first because they were doing weird thing with their tongues. You just have to talk to them and do what you can to make it more comfortable for you. For a bit I was having to go back to pancaking my boob like I did when he was a newborn. I've also heard that others have had to change their nursing positions up to new ones that aren't their old favorites in order to get the latch to improve.

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My DDs latch can be awful sometimes. She wants to sit in my lap in a very particular way and she's getting too tall for it so her head flops all over the dang place and she winds up dangling her massive noggin' from my boob. Not fun. I tell her to knock it off and nurse gently or else no more boob. That works well now but wouldn't have a year ago. I'd go with Jackie's suggestions. They're much more constructive Smile