Little nipper

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Little nipper

So my little extended nursling has become a nipper. She'll sign milk and latch on, then nip. I would then tell her no biting, end the session and put her down, which she didn't like. I also noticed what her behavior was like when she was about to do this, and I was able to start intervening before the nip.
But now she is latching and nursing, and when she's finished she'll nip real quick as she's letting go to pull away. Any advice for how to stop my little stinker from nipping? Sometimes I'm afraid to try to nurse her. Ouch!

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I think when my DS did this (DD didn't do it) I started ending the nursing session myself - not letting him get to the end. For my DS i think he was bored and trying to get a reaction from me... if I felt he was close to ending the session I would just pop him off and be done so as not to get bit. Note: this was annoying to do when nursing to sleep... because I wanted him to sleep and he had to be rocked to sleep instead (but better than him biting, lol.) Good luck!

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Probably don't want to know what i did with DD when she'd latch on just to nip. I nipped her back. It was a bad day already and i didn't bite hard just enough to get her attention. She never did it after that.

No advice other than what you're already doing. DS is starting to nip too and i can pull him off and he'll fuss and want to nurse more but will repeat nipping after a few sucks.