Little pat on my back

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Little pat on my back

2 years and counting!! Now that I've met the WHO recommendations ... what else is there to shoot for? Smile Teagan is such a booby baby even though she's not really much of a baby anymore. I'm guessing she'll still be nursing this time next year.

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Woo hoo on 2 years!!! :party:

Maybe she'll surprise you and really slow down nursing in the coming months. Wink

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WTG Erin!!!

I've been trying to wean Juliet and she has a tantrum when I tell her no.
The other day, she stuck her hand down my shirt in a parkinglot and told me: "Mommy's milk good."
I guess we'll be at it for a few more months.

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Yahoo WTG! Yahoo

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Nice job Erin! Next thing to shoot for - tandem nursing! Wink

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When I was pregnant with DD I found myself craving the nursing relationship that had ended with DS#2 just 4 months prior to conceiving. I wish I could have tandem nursed. But I know in my heart it was time to end it when it ended. We both were ready and it ended peacefully. I know it was not in the cards for me.

Perhaps it will be for you! Wink

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Congrats!!!! I had the same kind of "now what?" feeling but I'm pregnant so now I'm looking forward to tandem nursing again. Wink

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