Menstrual cycle

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Menstrual cycle

Hi there - I'm new to this site. My LO is 15 months old and still bf'ing multiple times a day (and night). We are both very happy with our nursing relationship. I haven't gotten my period yet and we will start TTC as soon as it shows up. A couple weeks ago I had cramping for a few days. The past few days I've been crampy again, moody and now it is very irritating to nurse. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? I'm having trouble finding anything that is much help on the Internet.


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My period didn't come back until 17 months postpartum and it has been sporadic since then. Morgan still breastfeeds at night. Before my first period I had several rounds of cramping and PMS symptoms before it finally came back. As long as you are breastfeeding, you may have a lot of "hormonal symptoms". This is a great site and page on fertility breastfeeding Hope this helps Smile

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Mine didn't come back until 14 months postpartum but I had PMS symptoms for several months prior to that.

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Oh yes! I got mine back when DD was 14 or 15 mos old, but I had several months before that of PMS like symptoms. Sounds like it might be just around the corner for you. I was very anxious about it all, because, although we weren't going to TTC until DD was about 16-17 mos old, I wanted to KNOW that I would have my period back by then! I guess I ended up having two periods, and then conceiving. I got my BFP on DD's 17 mos birthday. Smile Good luck to you!!!