Nursing while pregnant

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Nursing while pregnant

I'm (almost) 12 weeks pregnant with #2! DS is 16mo old and is still a boobie man! I work full time, but whenever we're together he is nursing. I have a feeling he's not going to wean himself anytime soon, and that's JUST fine by me! Biggrin I love our nursing relationship.

I do have some questions. If you nursed while pregnant, when did you notice a change in your milk? Did your LO care? How did they react to the change?

What were some of your favourite preggo nursing positions? I'm finding the cross cradle hold to be getting more and more uncomfortable. During the day he sits up on my lap and nurses, but it's night time that i find the issue because he loves to snuggle into a cross cradle hold and nurse before bed.

Any other pointers are appreciated!

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Just wanted to congratulate you on nursing while preggo! The mamas I've known who've gotten pregnant after their nurslings turned one seem to have experienced a less drastic change in their supply/reaction from their nursling than those who got pregnant earlier. I hope that's the case for you. Can you side-lie at night? Or get him to snuggle next to you and lean over to get to a boob without squishing your belly?

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Hey Alison! I keep meaning to congratulate you! I noticed you were pregnant weeks ago, and somehow never got around to it. So, Congrats!

I'm still nursing while pregnant right now... I found out I was pregnant when DD was 17 mos I believe. I still hold her in a normal nursing position (cross cradle I guess) during the day. At bedtime we always do side-lying, but we also co-sleep, and I fit with her in her toddler bed, so that is just how we've always done it.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant now, and still haven't noticed a big change in milk production. DD still nurses as often as ever, and she doesn't complain... and when I give a boob a squeeze after she nurses, I still get milk coming out. I don't (and have never) pumped, so it's not like I could tell you that I'm still producing a ton, but, it seems like there is still milk there, and that she's getting as much as she wants.

The only thing that I feel like I have noticed is that her poops have become horrible and mostly messy again- hardly EVER solid. Her eating really hasn't changed recently in any way that would cause such a poop change, that I can tell, but, when I posted on here somewhere about poop changes in nursing toddlers no one else had ever really noticed it. So I don't know. Maybe it is something else causing that.

Glad you're doing well otherwise- you sound really positive about it all! I have recently night-weaned my daughter (because of the pregnancy, and being unwilling to night nurse a newborn and a toddler), but will let her continue to nurse otherwise until she weans. That said, I am recently also feeling like I can't always let her nurse as long as she would like (especially if she's just comfort nursing) because it really starts to make my skin crawl after a while. I'm sad for her that I can't continue our relationship like it was before, especially because she is still so young, but, at least she is still nursing. Here's hoping you don't come up against anything like that as you continue on!

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Congrats on your pregnancy!

I'm 30 weeks preg. and still nursing my 15 month old. I didn't notice any change in my milk supply for a long long time. DS2 was totally a boobie man too. I just recently have been starting to run into more issues as I get further along. I notice a decrease in supply between 25-26 weeks. It wasn't just a drastic over night change but over maybe a two week period I noticed that I went from having a full let-down where I would hear him gulping to more of just a slow stream of milk coming out. In turn he would nurse forever and when he was overly tired start to get upset. But the milk was still there, just took a long time for him to get it. Now at 29-30 weeks I'm noticing that the milk that used to appear to be still more fatty and thick has changed to a thinner more colostrum like milk. While I can pretty much always still express milk at anytime of day, there is totally less of it and at times I can not express any milk after even a short nursing session like I could in the past.

The past 2-3 weeks have been pretty rough for my LO. Its almost like he has a little seperation issue going on due to the lack of milk. I unlatch him (even fully asleep) and he flips out. He is also waking a lot during the night and wanting to nurse as well as taking really short naps some days. Then at times he is totally the opposite and cries and cries for nana (nursing) but when I go to latch him gets really really made and will have nothing to do with it trying to fling himself out of my arms. It kills me. He also tries to beat on my chest a lot when he is nursing and frustrated or will squeeze my boobs really hard. Maybe the thinks more milk will come out that way? For 2 weeks now I've had to get DH to put him to bed and try to hold and rock him so that he learns another way to fall asleep other than the boob. Things are starting to get better now that DH is helping him do that. There are times now when he will latch on and try to nurse for 2-3 minutes but then just relax and cuddle into me (sometimes latched and sometimes not) to relax and fall asleep or just have mommy time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to do that more and more in the next 10 weeks +/- and can wait for my milk to fully come in again since I'll happily tandum my 2 LO's. Also he was nursing 4-5 times per day up till recently and in the last 2ish weeks has decided he only wants to nurse 2-3 times per day. I hope this is just the way it was for us and not the norm.

Oh and for postitions. I still nurse him in the normal nursing position (across my body, can't think of the name) but I have to use my 'breast friend' pillow for support. Also DS2's lets kinda don't wrap around me but instead point out away from me. Baby #3 loves to kick DS during this but it works out for us. I also do side-lying if we are co-sleeping in the morning time.

"Marite13" wrote:

I am recently also feeling like I can't always let her nurse as long as she would like (especially if she's just comfort nursing) because it really starts to make my skin crawl after a while. I'm sad for her that I can't continue our relationship like it was before, especially because she is still so young, but, at least she is still nursing. Here's hoping you don't come up against anything like that as you continue on!

Ok, this is totally how I felt somewhere between after 20 weeks. I would feel like my skin was crawling if he nursed too long or wasn't doing actually nursing and just hanging out of goofing off. I felt so bad about it but it was the worst feeling for me and I would have to cut into his session. I would actually kinda feel upset about it too like 'why is he taking so long?' but then get more upset at myself for feeling that way. Its gotten better now but are session are really short. I'm sorry you experienced that too and I hope that you don't experience that Alison.

The one thing that I love about still nursing while preg. (other than the closeness with my current LO) is that it forces me to sit down and relax despite my busy day with my kids and life. Sometimes you forget to do that when you are preg. and have other LO's around. Hope your nursing relationship while preg. continues on for as long as you both like.

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Thanks ladies!

I will keep on keepin' on and hopefully Will wants to keep it up too. I have already warned DH that if Will weans I will be overly emotional about it LOL. He's scared of the hormones and doesn't want Will to wean hahaha.

I will try some different positions. I would love to side-lie while night nursing, but because Will is in a crib I'd have to then pick him up and move him to bed. Right now in a cross cradle he's already in my arms, so it's easy to move to bed. I think I'll keep it up until it's just too uncomfortable.

Woot! I can't wait to nurse a newborn again!

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I nursed #1 while pregnant with #2, found out when #1 was 17 months old, and i had no plans to wean. However around 16 weeks i noticed a drop in supply, and around that time i started to get very tender and shortened our nursing sessions to like 5 minutes. Stuck with that through about 22 weeks when the tenderness wasnt so bad and my colostrum came in, and i think DD loved it. Still nursing a 3 yr old and 1 yr old LOL. i think for a VERY long time it was side lying laying down, that was the only way i was comfortable at all. but i made it through!