Sort of weaning

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Sort of weaning

So DD is home for the summer from daycare. She really won't take a bottle at daycare, so this whole school year I've made sure that I've fed her lots when we are together. That has meant a lot of night feeding.

I've continued to pump just in case she every decided to eat at daycare, and since I've had so much milk I've actually given away 100's of ounces several times. I guess I still have an oversupply b/c she usually will only take one side at a time. Now here's my actual question Biggrin

If I am trying to stop pumping, since it won't go over well next school year, and she only eats from one side, how do I not feel majorly uncomfortable? She is eating approximately every 4ish hours, so it could technically be 8 hours between feeding on one side. I usually pump the other side to get a couple of ounces for comfort reasons....
Do I just stop pumping? I'm afraid of getting mastitis.

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If you ease into it, your body will be fine with each side going 8 hours. I did it as well. So just ease off the pumping of the other side. I had a huge supply too, oversupply likely, just like you. Good luck! Smile

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Like Stephanie said, if you start weaning yourself off the pump gradually, you should be fine. Perhaps start to shorten the length of your pumping sessions and then try dropping a session or two. Are you still nursing with her home for summer?

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Ditto the others, just start weaning off the pump and your body will adjust. If you're now pumping twice a day, cut back on the amount of time over a week or two, then drop a session. Pump once a day for a week or two, then cut back on the amount of time for that session. And then quit pumping! Yes, you might be uncomfortable for a couple of days, take a Sudafed and/or wear breast pads and/or hand express just a bit to relieve the pressure. You might also try offering your DD "the other side" for a bit after she nurses if you get too uncomfortable. I nursed my DD for almost three years after I stopped pumping with her, and I've been nursing my son for 9 months since I stopped pumping and he's still going strong!

Oh, and congrats on all that milk donated. Some other little baby is very very happy with you! Blum 3