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As of today, I have been breastfeeding one child or another for six consecutive years. DS2 was born August 28th 2006 and nursed through my pregnancy with DS3 and tandemed for a few months so there were no breaks between them. DS3 is 2.5 years old now and still nursing. I'm 13 weeks (and 6 days) pregnant so I'm not anywhere near done nursing yet!

I feel like I need a long nap...without someone tugging at my breasts lol. Lactating is hard work!

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Wow mama! Great track record I have to say! lol

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You're wicked awesome. I feel you for sure on needing a lactation vacation and I'm only going on 2 years. If DD continues through my next pregancy (as I STRONGLY anticipate she will) and Next Baby nurses as long as DD, I'll hit the 6 year mark for sure. Something to be very very proud of, mama!

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wow!! very impressive! and exhausting I'm sure..I feel like I've been pg or nursing for forever.. we've had a few losses in between so seems like it's been yrs! lol

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Wow, that is awesome! I've been having a pity party for myself over here the last two weeks since I feel like I'm nursing the entire family over here without a break but I'm just skimming the surface of 2 years with my littlest ones. Phew. Hearing about your six years totally puts a smile on my face again!

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Thanks everyone. I'm definitely proud of the accomplishment and exhausted. Wink

DS3 let me know today, "I love these boobies" LOL. He cracks me up sometimes.