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We're here!

We're officially part of the Extended BFing club today! Happy Birthday to my little monkey!

Guess I'll introduce myself properly even though I've been lurking and posting a bit for awhile. I'm Erin (29). My DD is Teagan Tesla. She's my first and she's a serious booby baby. Overall, BFing has been pretty easy. We had our moments of nipple pain for the first month and I dealt with oversupply for awhile. I'm a full time grad student so I started pumping when she was 3 months old. My milk didn't store well so I have to scald what I pump before giving it to her. Not that she'd ever drink it because she just straight up hated bottles up until about a month ago. We're done with that now. I'm packing the pump away and she'll just be BF'd on demand at home. She still demands quite a bit so I think I'll be around for quite some time to come! My plan is the keep offering for another 6 months to 1 year and then take the don't offer, don't refuse approach.

Oh, and NAK Blum 3

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COngrats and WELCOME!!!!!


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I just came over to make the same post! lol

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I just saw your post on the other board too lol but welcome! I love your DD's name! My youngest DS is 20 months, we also plan on taking the don't offer, don't refuse approach in a few months. Congratulations and welcome again!!

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:wavehello: Congrats on a year, and welcome!