5th Grade Speech

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5th Grade Speech

Controversy Over 5th-Grader’s Religion Speech ? CBS Tampa

Would you want your child to hear this speech? Should it have been allowed?

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Jeez. We're studying the Crusades right now in 7th grade. Not really sure I can leave religion out of.

His speech sounds factual and must be well-written to have won. Someone had to have proofread and approved the speeches beforehand. The school handled it poorly.

To answer your other question: My 10YO is in 5th grade this year. I would have no problem with her hearing the speech.

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It sounds fine to me, and I think the school was wrong to try to make him change it, or require permission slips for those who will. It isn't a "religion speech," it is a speech about religion being used to justify mass murders. There are parts of our history that you just can't leave the religion out, but that shouldn't mean those topics are now taboo & can't be discussed at all. That said, mass murder isn't a topic I'd allow my own child of that age to write a speech about, but I don't have a problem with my child hearing it in this context at school if one of her classmates did it. Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones and think about things that aren't fun to think about. And maybe hearing a speech like this might sway someone else to rethink their own thoughts about what their own religion is teaching them.

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History is history, and I do not think it should be ignored.

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History needs to be learned so it is not repeated. I am not sure how my kids would react to hearing about this, but I think it would be a great way to learn and would open doors to conversations at home

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It sounds like the speech contains factual information, and I don't understand who approved him winning but then decided that it was inappropriate?

The part that made me furious for that family was where the school administrator said that the most fair thing would be for her to take his ribbon. Most fair for who, exactly?

I also don't believe the excuse that the problem was the mass murder part, since she specifically told him to take out the religion part, not the murder part. I think it sounds more that someone is uncomfortable with having any facet of religion criticized, even if it is the plain truth.

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I'm in the boat that it wasn't about mass murder but about "don't say anything bad about religion".

I would allow my child to hear this speech. I'm okay with a 5th grader writing this even if I think it was mom and/or dad's idea ;).

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I have to admit that i think mass murders is a heavy topic to address in a child's speech to his class if there are 4th graders and even 5th graders.

I see a big difference in maturity between my 7th grader and my 5th grader and 4th graders are even younger. Since they are my two oldest, its hard for me to tell if its their age, or their personality.

It does sound factual and I do think some kids at that age could handle the topic just fine, but others could not. My 10YO son is very afraid of death and dying.

I do agree the "take the religion out of it" makes it sound like its more about the bad mouthing religion than it is about mass murders. I would disagree with that if thats the case. Other than that....i think i'd like to hear the speech before i determined how appropriate it is.

Think about it, we spend a lot of time talking about how we calm the fears of elementary school children after they hear about things like mass murders. I'm not so sure a speech created by a peer would necessarily be sensitive to the types of fears or anxiety it could instill.